Air conditioning in cars and trucks

We are a family company specialising in the aircon of cars and undertaking airconditioning and climate control problem diagnosis, repairs and recharges in the county of Kent and in South East London in the UK. This is not our Home Page.

This is a source of Information on the Aircon of Cars

A series of about 20 pages of information on the subject of air conditioning in cars, automobiles, trucks or other vehicles. It is written in plain English without any jargon and should be fairly easily understood without any technical knowledge. The object is to enable members of the public to access information which may assist them to understand the aircon system sufficiently for them to avoid being hoodwinked by a cowboy, or misled by inaccurate information from a garage with perhaps insufficient experience of this specialisation.

Self diagnosis of air conditioning problems is possible to a limited extent.

There are no pop-ups or advertisements of any kind, indeed there is no mention of an air conditioning company name at all. There are however links to enable the author to be contacted by the reader should he so desire or to divert to our Homepage.



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A short resume of the contents on this information website

 Auto airconditioning and climate control diagnosis, information and FAQ's. Vehicle aircon problems with compressors, condensers, evaporators and receiver driers. Information for car owners on car air conditioning and climate control system. Repair and recharge information including R12 and R134a refrigerants and AC conversions from R12 to R134a. Bad smells from AC system. Trucks, automobiles, vans, motorhomes, RV's, SUV's, cars, taxis, limos and industrial vehicles all use similar airconditioning components and systems so this information is relevant to all. Hints and tips for the better use of your airconditioning or climate control system and ways to emulate climate control with just a simple air conditioning system. Some information on the latest refrigerant HFO1234yf or R1234yf.