What is the best way to run my AC?



Two examples:

Let's imagine that your car has been sitting in the supermarket car park in full sunshine for a couple of hours and is too hot to touch. A reasonable result can be achieved by following this.
1. Open all the doors whilst you load up the car to allow some of the hot air to slide out.
2. Once in the car, start the engine, run the windows down, set the blowers to maximum, turn the AC on (ensure the Econ or EC button is OFF), any temperature controls to the lowest temperature setting, fresh air (not recirc) and air directed through the Face Level Vents.
3. The cold air from the Face Level Vents is denser than the hot air so will settle in the lower parts of the car and force the hot air upwards and out of the open windows, so after a minute or two shut the windows and turn the Recirculation control ON (simply marked as Max on some models).
4. Keep the settings this way until the fabric of the inside of the car has cooled down and then either reduce the blower speed or turn the Recirc control to Fresh Air whichever you choose to do, or perhaps both.
5. Once the inside of the car is really cool, turn the blowers speed down a little further to suit your comfort and perhaps turn the Face Level Vents upwards to direct the cool air over your head to the rear of the car.

Alternatively to use the AC to demist the car the technique is quite different.
1. If the car is already misted up then simply turn on the AC, air directed to screen, blowers to highest speed, fresh air selected and the heat turned to maximum. Many cars simply have a demist button that does all this for you, but try it out as some are only a heated screen, use of the AC will be far quicker - it is almost like magic.
2. If the weather is warm but the car has badly misted up, use the AC directed to the screen and if this doesn't clear it within a few seconds put the heat on as well, until it is safe to back the heater off and reduce the blower speed. Continue to use the AC in Fresh Air mode (Recirc OFF) for best demisting.

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